COVID-19 Sincere Acup Announcement


Dear All, We have received an order from the Government of Alberta to close our Acupuncture Clinic due to COVID-19. During this time, we are able to offer herbal remedies and phone consultation to help you keep up with the changes of the Body’s immune system and general care. That being said, our herbal remedies […]

Acupuncture and Dry Needling. What are the differences?

Without a little bit of research, Acupuncture and Dry Needling may look very similar to the untrained eye. Both techniques traditionally use sterile needles (although non-needle acupuncture does exist). Both techniques have roots in the wellness community as a natural alternative to everyday medicine. And both techniques are used to facilitate recovery and provide therapeutic relief. However, […]

Lock-in Your Acupuncture Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

You might be wondering: Is acupuncture covered by my health insurance benefits? If you’re looking for coverage for your wellness techniques and practices its very likely your extended health benefits can help cover 80-100% of acupuncture cost. Often an afterthought – wellness procedures and treatments like acupuncture and nutrition become quite affordable – and with huge benefits for your […]

Stay Healthy During the Holidays: 3 Easy to Forget Ways

by The Sincere Team | Acupuncture, Wellness What is one big thing we tend to forget about during the holidays? Yes, you guessed it: Your health. But its much more then that, it’s our overall self-care. The practices you can employ to really enjoy the special moments during the holidays. As a wellness clinic that provides acupuncture and nutrition, we often […]