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Have you been injured in a car accident or workplace related incident, looking to file a MVA or WCB claim?

Sincere clinic works to get you back on your feet with rehabilitation techniques after a motor vehicle or workplace related accident.

About MVA and WCB Claims

Acupuncture and massage are actually covered in both MVA and WCB claims in Alberta. Only physiotherapists and chiropractors can treat MVA or WCB injuries.
You have the choice to get combined or concurrent treatments e.g. Acupuncture and massage on top of other services.Patients receiving either physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments cannot receive other treatments at the same time.
Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to Accident Benefit of the driver’s insurance.
The driver at fault in a motor vehicle accident cannot claim insurance when injured.

Protect yourself first.
Seek treatment.

If you need emergency medical attention seek this first, and report the accident to the police or to your employer.

Contact us at 403-230-5553 as soon as possible for MVA or WCB claims, we’ll take from there and lead you through the process.

Rehabilitation Procedures and Techniques


Acupuncture is a good option when treating Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) injuries

Osteopathic and Massage Therapy

We provide Osteopathic Therapy and therapeutic deep tissue massage services specifically for WAD injuries.

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