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You’ve researched a variety of options to treat your condition.

You’re ready to forget about constant aches, pains, and debilitating illnesses affecting your life.

Chronic pain, acute pain, allergies, depression, colds, the flu…

As a general rule – life isn’t easy. However, achieving lasting relief for a variety of ailments is possible through natural practices and methods.

Acupuncture is one of the most widely used practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine in modern times.

And complementary and alternative medicine or CAM use continues to grow in Canada.

You may be in search of ways to heal naturally and alternatively, and for good reason. Gaining traction and intelligence about the capabilities of your body is key when discovering ways to heal and reunite with yourself.

One important aspect of a holistic and wellness based life is found in Acupuncture.


A short and sweet explanation

Have you heard of Yin and Yang? The natural forces behind your body that govern its state of balance and harmony?

Qi is one of the vital “energy-flows” responsible for this balance. Qi travels through your body through channels called “meridians”.

When Yin and Yang are unbalanced your flow of “Qi” is disrupted.

This results in a higher chance of illness, disease, and pain.

Acupuncture aims to stimulate the flow of Qi through the insertion of needles into the “Acupoints” in the superficial layer of your skin.


What are Acupoints?


We realize that the concept of meridians, qi, and acupoints may be foreign to most – seeing as the Western practice of medicine is the focus in North America.

Think of acupoints as the sort of “beginning” to a suspension bridge. Clogging up either entrance would cause traffic to come to a screeching halt – resulting in a backed-up traffic system and disruption in your flow (not to mention a tardy appearance for work).

Your body works in much the same manner. A proper flow of Qi is essential in keeping Yin and Yang balanced – resulting in improved functioning of the nervous, endocrine, digestive, immune, and cardiovascular systems.

When Acupoints are stimulated “qi” is “released” – effectively harmonizing flow within your body.

Like many aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Qi stays true to Yin and Yang and requires a proper balance or flow to surface within areas of pain or discomfort. 

Acupoints act as the sort of entrance for Qi. If traffic stays smooth within your body a healthy and balanced “transportation” system is achieved.

So why is Acupuncture worth it for you?


Naturally calibrating your body to achieve wellness gets drowned out in the sea of treatments available nowadays.

Despite this, the efficacy of natural wellness methods remain an important and proven aspect of living a holistic life. Whether its Acupuncture, other methods of TCM, or Nutrition.

Chronic pain, sleep, digestive functioning, insomnia, depression  – these are a few of the illnesses Acupuncture can relieve.

Those without options due to side-effects from prescription medicine, cost, or distrust in the current medical industry may also find solace in alternative measures within Acupuncture and the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Why all the trust?

Do we believe conventional medicine ineffective? No. In fact, we even support boosting and enabling your life by combining wellness practices like Eastern or Traditional Chinese Medicine with conventional medicine.

Our trust in natural health solutions stems from centuries of refined methods, and practitioners with a collective of knowledge spanning decades.

Sincere does not endorse Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or other aspects of a holistic and natural approach over the recommendations of your doctor, but we do believe strongly in a few things:

We believe in living a life from within and getting the most out of the tools available to you right now.

We believe that a life well lived is one that allows you to harness tools from within.

We believe you’re stronger then you think.

Follow our mission to help you live a holistic, wellness-based life.

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Join us on our mission to live a holistic, wellness-based life.

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