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What is one big thing we tend to forget about during the holidays?

Yes, you guessed it:

Your health.

But its much more then that, it’s our overall self-care.

The practices you can employ to really enjoy the special moments during the holidays.

As a wellness clinic that provides acupuncture and nutrition, we often see first-hand the effects of negative habits.

So, when staying healthy during the holidays becomes difficult, how can you manage?

How do you enjoy your down time while not turning wellness into another stressor to juggle?

Here are 3 simple and often forgotten ways to help your mind, body, and overall wellness this holiday season.


1. Keep the indulgence to the day – not the entire season.

You waited all year for the holidays so you’re probably chomping at the bit to indulge in everything that makes it so magical – including but not limited to family, treats, dinners, parties, and the laid-back approach to life.


However, the indulgent satisfying feeling that comes with the holidays can overextend themselves so much so that your body and mind suffer.

Those moments filled with extreme joy, excitement, and glee are important, and we hope you have many...


They aren’t meant to be replicated every day.

While it’s possible to strive for a proper sense of wellness year-round with proper techniques and methods – you simply can’t duplicate the feeling of special occasions year-round!

It's important to keep your body moving, your brain healthy, and your overall life stimulated.


Keeping this in mind will allow you to appreciate, indulge, and enjoy when the time is just right. 🙂


2. Practice solitude



Alone during the holidays? Sounds counter-intuitive, right?

You’re right to want quality time with your loved ones. Practicing love is a vital part of achieving wellness, harmony, and a balanced approach to life.

Just remember to mind yourself when you need it.

Stress can affect multiple aspects of your wellness including sleep, heart health  and your overall mood.

Whether it’s a night in with a book or a movie, a pampered massage, or your favorite hobby - your health is an important aspect of the giving season too.

Caring for what you need in between gift shopping, gift wrapping, and holiday dinners will allow you to show your true happiness to your loved ones while keeping your own self-care intact.

3. Invest in help if you need it 


Even at our strongest, sometimes we still need support, and during a season that is supposed to be a long festive and happy occasion, there are many of us out there that feel the exact opposite.

So, whether it’s a friend with advice or wellness techniques and habits that can help you along the way it’s important to remember that there are always options during the holidays.

If you’re having trouble minding your physical health, nutrition or other aspects that become difficult to keep up during the winter make sure to reach out and find support when you need it.

During this time of year, we tend to focus on the external.

Practicing natural techniques, methods, and habits can help you practice balance, humility, and a holistic approach to life.

And with this in-tact, you can really learn to love yourself and those around you during the holidays.



Sincere Clinic.

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