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We all take a few days to adjust to the cold air as we roll into the winter months. The difference in temperature leaves us wishing summer could stick around for just a little longer.

And for many of us, our health depends on it.

As the temperature enters the negatives, chronic and acute conditions including asthma, flu, bone/joint pain, mood disorders, and other conditions become more drastic.


Support your wellness with Acupuncture/TCM


Acupuncture may not be one of the first solutions that pops into your head when the frigid air rolls in, but it can be a powerful tool to help you fight off winter-associated conditions.

Stimulating a proper balance and flow of energy in your body allows for a healthier immune-response to many negative conditions.

And for those of you that haven’t tried acupuncture and might be a little weary: you have options.

Acupuncture, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is an excellent treatment to boost your immunity to fight off colds and flu. At the early stage of intection, the virus multiplies exponentially.

Conventional wisdom advises patients to stay home to prevent spreading the virus to others, with little treatment solutions.

TCM acupuncture has well established protocols that can help you get relief from cold/flu symptoms within hours (if not minutes).

Also, Acupuncture includes non-needle techniques like in the video below:


In this video, our practitioner Dr. Wong utilizes magnetic acupressure hammers to stimulate the flow of energy in your body. As the magnetic hammers make contact, the changes in movement induce micro-currents that stimulate the flow of blood and energy – helping you relieve your winter associated symptoms.

Let’s look at how acupuncture techniques can help super-charge your well-being this winter.


Acupuncture helps relieve Joint, Muscle and Tendon Pain in the Winter


As the temperature drops our body focuses on maintaining blood flow to its vital organs. While this is the bodies’ way of protecting its most important functions, it also means our body suffers from a lack of healthy circulation to many other important areas like our joints, muscles, and tendons, resulting in the aggravation of symptoms like pain.

Temperature-induced pain is especially true for those suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis – further aggravating this chronic condition.


A lack of sunlight also means a lack of vitamin D.


“Vitamin D is a key ingredient in maintaining bone and muscle health, by facilitating the absorption of calcium”, according to our Registered Dietitian Evelyn Cheng, “Without Vitamin D, we cannot absorb calcium as readily. Therefore, we should all be supplementing with Vitamin D on a daily basis”.

Unfortunately, the winter months don’t exactly contain much vitamin D enriching sunlight, and our time indoors doesn’t help this fact.

Other than nutrition, acupuncture helps induce proper vitamin-enriching blood flow throughout your body so that you can lessen the impact of winter on joint, muscle, and tendon associated conditions.


Seasonal Affective Disorder


Many people find themselves lethargic or with an uneasy, worn-down feeling during the winter months.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) sufferers begin feeling symptoms in the fall that persist through the winter.

Some symptoms might include: fatigue, anxiety, feeling less social, loss of interest in activities, and feelings of hopelessness.

Lower levels of sunlight also cause dips in endorphins and disruptions in circadian rhythms – further impacting important habits like proper sleep.

Many SAD sufferers may choose to treat these conditions with antidepressants, but we believe getting through SAD can also be approached naturally.

While antidepressants are often prescribed for weeks until seeing possible results, acupuncture treatments stimulate and build upon each other – resulting in a cumulative effect to balance and harmonize your mental health naturally.

Mental health is a vital aspect of wellness. The winter months ask a lot of our bodies and keeping up with proven techniques like acupuncture can help you manage the often times stressful season.


Get Sick Less


Although cold temperatures aren’t the direct correlation with getting sick – It does allow for bacteria and viruses to spread more quickly due to constriction of airways and suppression of the processes that defend against infection.

Asthmatics also suffer greatly during the winter due to the prevalence of the cold and flu, and are at an even greater risk for flare-ups as a result.

Acupuncture helps boost your blood circulation and immune-system so that you can avoid the cold and flu, and so that irritation of symptoms like coughing, fever, body aches, sore throats, and fatigue are battled more easily.

Winter and its cold and flu counterparts cause people to miss work, time with family, and important holiday occasions. Alternatives like acupuncture can stave off or lessen the impact this holiday season.


Overall Year-Round Wellness


It’s easy to get sick and let symptoms and conditions flare-up during the winter.

The cold weather has us exercising less, watching more television, staying indoors, and often times neglecting healthy habits.

While a seasonal-break may be good practice for many reasons – it’s important to not let your body become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle and its negative repercussions.

Your body counts on stimulation and healthy habits to achieve far-reaching wellness. You can keep these habits around as we move closer into the coldest months with acupuncture.


It’s that time of year


It’s possible for you to continue a wellness-based life into the winter. And with so many Canadian months dipping into the lower-end of the temperature spectrum it’s important to keep an eye on the impact the cold has on your health.

Acupuncture is another tool in your wellness arsenal that helps you make adjustments towards balance more easily achieved during the warmer seasons.

And as nature enters its cyclical end so do your benefits. Don’t let your 2018 insurance benefits go to waste! We offer direct billing with acupuncture along with a free consultation.


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Enjoy winter and feel strong for the holidays so that when the sunshine rolls around you’ll have a leg-up on last year.

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