Lock-in Your Acupuncture Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

You might be wondering: Is acupuncture covered by my health insurance benefits? If you’re looking for coverage for your wellness techniques and practices its very likely your extended health benefits can help cover 80-100% of acupuncture cost. Often an afterthought – wellness procedures and treatments like acupuncture and nutrition become quite affordable – and with huge benefits for your […]

Stay Healthy During the Holidays: 3 Easy to Forget Ways

by The Sincere Team | Acupuncture, Wellness What is one big thing we tend to forget about during the holidays? Yes, you guessed it: Your health. But its much more then that, it’s our overall self-care. The practices you can employ to really enjoy the special moments during the holidays. As a wellness clinic that provides acupuncture and nutrition, we often […]